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RN joins to MGAC

Rodarte Nogueira, Brazilian consulting firm with an international seal

On May 5th, 2010, in London, Rodarte Nogueira was accepted as a full member of the MGAC – Multinational Group of Actuaries and Consultants, an international network of independent consultants and actuaries, composed of the main advisers of each of the member countries, which enables us to provide global solutions using their vast resources, offering customers high-quality services related to the design, administration and communication of employee benefit plans.

The MGAC Meeting is a biannual meeting of the network members held to address the most relevant actuarial issues globally. Present at the 2010 MGAC Spring meeting, representing Rodarte Nogueira, were its partner Claudio Rodarte and its actuary Lucas Pacheco Simião.

What is the MGAC?

The MGAC is a network of independent consulting firms around the world, which meet regularly to exchange ideas and can refer client work to MGAC members in other countries. It also enables member firms to work together to provide clients with high-quality services related to the design, administration and communication of employee benefit plans.

The MGAC could potentially be regarded as the 6th largest employee benefit consulting group in the world.  This is an impressive statistic and shows the MGAC is truly global. The MGAC approach to international consulting is characterised by:

Effectiveness Responding to each client’s business objectives, competitive environment and human resource needs.

Efficiency Considering cost, administration and communication implications before recommending new benefit arrangements.

Appropriateness Being well placed to take account of national characteristics and customs, as well as applicable laws and regulations, both for international and local staff. GLOBAL SERVICES

· Advice on other countries

· Corporate governance / Global Benefits Committees

· Executive pensions for multinationals

· Expatriates / International Pension Plans

· Global benefit strategy and audits

· Global investment strategy

· IAS19 / US GAAP co-ordination

· International M&A

· Multinational pooling

· Social security design

Which are the MGAC member firms?

Click here to see MGAC members in Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

What changes with Rodarte Nogueira’s membership into the MGAC?

As a member of the MGAC, Rodarte Nogueira is able to assist  all of the Group’s customers in Brazil. The exchange of experiences and knowledge, and the strong partnership with the other members of the network, ensure effective, efficient and customized work.

It is noteworthy that this is not a merger or acquisition, as so often happens with national companies. Rodarte Nogueira remains independent. The competence and seriousness with which the company has worked in the market for over 10 years, combined with the quality of the services provided, were crowned with this international recognition: the entry into the MGAC.


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